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E-commerce and digital marketing has taken the world by storm as there are now new and improved ways where goods and services can be traded all over the world. Amazon is one of such companies spear heading e-commerce and it is considered as one of the Big Four. It is a multinational company based in Seattle, America having over 750,000 employees and it is the online site where anything and everything can be bought. It focuses mainly on artificial intelligence, cloud computing, digital distribution, consumer electronics and so much more. Amazon also chairs the streaming and downloading of audiobooks, music and videos alike. It has various subsidiaries that are distributed all over the world such as Alaxa Internet, Amazon Books, Amazon Publishing etc. and hence it is considered as the 2nd highest privately owned company in the United States. 
Amazon was created by Jeff Bezos in the year 1994 in Bellevue, Washington and was formerly called Cadabra Inc. A major contributing factor to the success of this company is that it is headed by some of the major titans of the marketing world. Some of them are; Rosalind Brewer who is the COO of Starbucks, Jamie Gorezlick, Daniel P. Huttenlocher (Dean of Schwarzam College), Judy McGrath (Ex CEO of MTV networks) and others. Their innovation together with infinitesimal resources made Amazon the greatest internet company in the world.

Reasons Why The Amazon Company Stands Out

When Amazon was first introduced, it was just an online site that deals in the sales of books. However, just after the first month of establishment it was shipping books to over 40 countries around the world. From that point forward, it skyrocketed and became one of the largest e-commerce companies in the world and in the year 2017 it accounted for more than 40% of all e-commerce sales in the United States. 
The Amazon Company is never without ideas and it is always abreast with the most current innovative technological procedures and this is mostly headed by the CEO, Jeff Bezos. Just like Echo which is Amazon’s notable voice command device had over 22 million units sold in the year 2017 alone, Amazon has proven that innovation is the key to mind bogging results in the e-commerce industry.

Furthermore, Amazon has one of the best customer services ever as a variety of tools have been designed to assist users to track their commodities or packages from the point of purchase to the place it is desired. Packages can also easily be returned or exchanged for another when it proves unsatisfactory thereby making the shopping experience extremely convenient. Not to mention the fact that its customer service team has also won multiple awards due to its devotion in creating methods that easily addresses the problems propounded by customers. Amazon also uses the internet and various social media platforms to its advantage in interacting with its customers. Here, they ensure that a firm foundation is built with their followers who serve as advocates of their brands thereby taking Amazon share price to the next level. 

Last but certainly not the least, Amazon always gets it right with the customers in terms of the goods and services that is been provided. Their outstanding vendor relationship helps to discover the products that are largely needed by customers across the globe and they ensure that this is shipped to the respective regions on time. Discount prices are also made available for customers on a regular basis. A most amazing discovery is that Amazon is looking for ways to develop what is known as the “brick-and-mortar stores” where goods purchased can be delivered on the same day through drone service. What could possibly be better than this?

Key Facts That Makes Amazon Shares A Great Investment

Amazon is not just some company on the rise seeking to make billions of dollars a year though that is a plus but it is also the life work of a man. The CEO Jeff Bezos has an intimate relationship with the company and hence cares more about it that a non-founder CEO ever could. This backed up by the fact that research has proven that companies with the founders as the CEOs tend to perform outstandingly well in the stock market. Most importantly, there is the guarantee that every investment in Amazon is affiliated with the interests of the CEO. This is because Jeff Bezos owns about 78.89 million shares in the company which makes him a 10.1% stake holder of the company. This stake equates to about $93.3 billion worth of stock and this was just for 2018 alone. 

Furthermore, the mission statement as propounded by Jeff Bezos which clearly states “Our Vision is to be Earth’s most customer-centric company” is not without ground. Amazon’s goal is to keep on expanding their customer base and to ensure that their old customers always come back for more. That is to say, you need not fear a small customer base for the Amazon market, it will always grow. Amazon also has about 119 fulfillment centers currently in the United States and with future plans to develop 28 more. These centers are the key to Amazon being able to make deliveries in a swift and profitable manner. These multimillion dollar facilities are more than 10 times the size of a field where professional football is played. Hence, it would be at the detriment of any competitor who seeks to try to make a comparison with its global distribution network and that of Amazon.

Amazon still has so much potential for growth. This is because research has proven that e-commerce has been growing at a rapid pace and has increased to 9.1% over the last seven years. This percentage will increase to 12.4% in the year 2020 and Amazon on the other hand is most assuredly going to profit from this growth as the giant of e-commerce in the United States. That is to say that Amazon along with all its investors are on for a jolly good ride. Amazingly, being a long term investor in Amazon is not at all expensive. With just about $1,900 per share you can earn about $30,000 in the next 10 years and this is according to the CNBC calculations thereby giving you an increase of about 2,000%. 

The Amazon Company has substantially changed the lives of millions of people all over the world and it is still intent on doing more. Taking a chance and buying Amazon shares UK could benefit you in the years to come.

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