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Aramco Saudi Arabia Corp Oil is the world largest energy provider..

When it comes to the crude oil and natural gas industry, there is no name bigger than Saudi Aramco. Known officially as the Saudi Arabian oil company, Saudi Aramco is the largest oil producer in the world. This multinational giant serves a worldwide population with its products, which include petroleum, a wide range of petrochemicals, and natural gas.


Saudi Aramco is currently the most profitable company in the world—according to numerous rating agencies like Bloomberg news, posting profits nearly twice that of famous names like Apple, Samsung, and Alphabet.


In terms of annual revenue, it is the 6th largest company in the world and the 4th state-owned enterprise on that list.


Let’s look at a brief history of Saudi Aramco and how it became one of the most successful companies in the world today.


The company has its origin centered around the oil shortage during World war 1. In the early ’90s, US oil companies embarked on a relentless world tour seeking countries and regions with massive potential in oil reserves. They struck gold (or oil, as the case may be) in the middle-east.


And so, in 1933, the government of Saudi Arabia granted Standard Oil of California (SoCal) permission to explore the country for oil. In 1938—after over four years of exploration and almost ten drill sites—one of the oil wells became productive. By 1940, it was producing practically 2000 barrels of oil every day.


On the 31st of January, 1944, the subsidiary of SoCal charged with exploration oil in Saudi changed its name to the Arabian American oil company (ARAMCO).


So, how did Aramco become a government-based entity?; so glad you asked.


As the company increased in capacity and mind-blowing potential (it had already hit 500,000 barrels per day), the then king of Saudi made series of plans to nationalize the entity; Aramco was producing unprecedented amounts of oil, natural and associated gas, and had discovered the most significant offshore field in the world (Safaniya Oil field).


By 1976, the Saudi Arabian government had acquired 100% of the participation interest in the company—although Aramco continued to manage operations and assets for the government.


However, in November 1988, the Saudi council of ministers authorized the launch of the Saudi Arabian oil company, and all Aramco's assets and operations were now to be controlled by the new company (Saudi Aramco).


Since this time, Saudi Aramco, now entirely in control of Saudi Arabia’s oil and gas fields, has expanded significantly through new oil operations and acquisitions— producing close to 7 million barrels of oil every day.


The company now has a massive workforce of over 74,000 staff across the world and the people responsible for the affairs of the company—the board of directors—include His Excellency Yasir Othman Al-Rumayyan (Chairman of the board), His Excellency Dr. Ibrahim A. Al-Assaf, His Excellency Mohammed A. Al-Jadaan, His excellency Mohammad M. Al-Tuwaijri, His Excellency Nab-eel Mohamed Al-Amudi, Sir Mark Moody-Stuart, Mr. Andrew N. Liveris, Amin H. Nasser (President and CEO of Saudi Aramco), and others.


There is also a corporate management team of experts that oversee operations, and the CEO, Amin H. Nasser, heads it.

Reasons why Saudi Aramco company stands out


Through a wide range of strategies and operational innovations, Saudi Aramco has become a dominant force in the oil industry. How else can you explain the significant expansion the company has seen from its incipient production of 1500 barrels of oil per day to a current capacity of almost 6 million every day.


With over 270 billion barrels, Saudi Aramco has the second-largest oil reserve in the world—currently, no other oil company produces more daily.

The master gas system of Saudi Aramco is the most abundant hydrocarbon network in the world. The company also discovered and still operates the Safaniya field—the largest offshore oil field in the world; the Ghawar field—the largest onshore oil field in the world.


Not all oil companies can boast of the exploration range of Saudi Aramco (controlling the two largest oil fields in the world), and this is what makes the company stand out.


Not to mention the number of refineries that serve as operation centers for the company. Some of them include Jazan refinery, Jeddah refinery, Ras Tanura refinery, Riyadh refinery, among others.


Saudi Aramco, not satisfied with its already significant dominance in the world market, continues to make global investments across North America, Asia, and Europe—the major players in the energy industry.


Key facts that make Saudi Aramco an excellent investment.


It has barely been a year since Saudi Aramco made its financial information public for the first time, with profit numbers that immediately surpassed tech giants like Apple and Samsung.


On the 11th of December, 2019, it made its entrance into the Saudi stock market known as the Tadawul stock exchange, and the immediate impact was nothing short of spectacular.


For investors, who would like a piece of this multinational entity in the stock market, here’s all the information you will need.


About Saudi Aramco stocks


Saudi Arabian oil company (Saudi Aramco) currently trades at Tadawul: 2222 in the Saudi stock exchange and oil & gas industry.


The revenue of the company, posted in 2018, stands at $355.9 billion and net income of $111.1 billion in that period.


It currently trades at 31.30 with a market capitalization of 111.65 billion and an 18.92 P/E ratio.


Which markets can you buy Aramco shares


The company sold about 1.5% of its capital to the IPO project that launched in December last year. It trades in the Tadawul stock exchange—the domestic stock exchange of Saudi Arabia.


The IPO is the biggest in history and caught the attention of almost 5 million investors when it started trading in December. However, it is limited to the Tadawul exchange—analysts say it is part of efforts to ensure that the $2 trillion market cap that the country boasts, is met.


Who are the major competitors of Saudi Aramco


You’ve probably heard about Exxon mobile at some point—that is because they are one of the most significant public oil company in the world.


Sinopec is a Chinese-owned oil company that was established in 1998 and has a significant part of its operation in Africa.


The others include the Chinese National petroleum corporation (CNPC), Royal Dutch Shell, BP, total, etc.


The general opinion of analysts on current Aramco stocks


Aramco is now cheaper than it was when it first started trading, and that is understandable, but the majority feeling amongst analysts towards the stock is clear: caution.


Sure, you, as a potential investor, can look at the guaranteed dividend that has risen to almost 6% in the past month and feel satisfied. But the major competitors of Aramco have similar (and better) numbers.

The cash flow (which is what you should be looking at) is where the primary issue with Aramco lies. As oil prices continue to plummet, the state—which holds 98% of shares—will see cash flow yields drop and while not directly harmful to investors, in the long term, this could lead to pressure on the state to stop the IPO.



Saudi Aramco is one of the biggest companies in the world, and, by far, the most profitable. The profits will plunge in the coming months (according to numerous stock reports); it still won’t affect its position as number one.


Investors should indulge in extensive research and risk analysis before putting their money into it.


Some interesting facts about the Aramco company:

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