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How To Buy Shares In Facebook For Beginners

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Facebook is leader of the social network market.

Is it still a good time to invest in Facebook shares and what kind of return on investment can you expect?

The Birth Of A Revolution: The humble beginnings of Facebook


As with most breakthroughs, no one knew that Facebook was going to take over the world until it did.


One would also expect some sort of grand tale where Mark Zuckerberg, the CEO of Facebook, said to himself, “I will build a social media website that will take over the world,” but it did not start like that.

Instead, it started as a basic dream to affect the Harvard community where Zuckerberg found himself at that time.


Who would have known that this all so basic idea would spread to the farthest reaches of the world?


How Facebook started?

Before the first iteration of Facebook on the 4th of February, 2004, Mark Zuckerberg had earlier created something called the “FaceMash” that would eventually aid his journey to create the social media website that has now very much taken over the world.


FaceMash started as some sort of joke. The purpose of FaceMash was to gauge the attractiveness of female counterparts. It featured a poll where people could juxtapose ladies, compare them, then vote and decide on who they thought was hottest and most beautiful.



Following the ban of Facemash, Zuckerberg got more serious and he decided on creating some sort kind of Facebook for the university’s database.


The idea was to have the faces of each of the students with a matching bio for connection. Without doubt, the Harvard sophomore, who had been coding for many years, pulled it off and TheFacebook was born. It wasn’t until August 2005 that the website officially adopted the name, Facebook, and the URL became as opposed to


On the day that Facebook was launched, Zuckerberg had about 1,200 sign-ups. He only had to wait until about a month before half of the Ivy League Institution began to use the interface. The influence would later spread throughout the university and beyond, reaching other Ivy League institutions and as well, the farthest ends of the globe.

It is not surprising that today, Facebook now has billions of users from around the world, but it might be really hard to believe that it all started in one cold dorm room at Harvard.

Was it just Zuckerberg?

Upon hearing Facebook, the first and perhaps the only name that comes to mind is Mark Zuckerberg and that is not without a reason. He is the CEO and the face that’s associated with the website but at the inception of the world-changing interface, there were a couple of other names you could associate with the body.


Facebook had a group of cofounders which include Eduardo Saverin, Chris Hughes, and Dustin Moskovitz. They were all students of Harvard at that time.

The Initial Challenges Facebook overcame

Several controversies came up with Mark Zuckerberg’s Facebook. One very prominent controversy was that with the Winklevoss twins, Cameron and Tyler, who filed a lawsuit claiming that Mark Zuckerberg stole their idea.


Allegedly, the twins had at some point gone to Zuckerberg for help to create something similar for the school. Eventually, they won the suit and were settled with $65 million in 2008.


Also, in 2005, Eduardo Saverin, a co-founder, filed a lawsuit against Zuckerberg but that was resolved out of court and he was cut from the company for good.


The many controversies stirred so much attention that in 2010, a movie that would eventually gather much acclaim, The Social Network, was released to tell the stories of Facebook and its rather fuzzy beginnings.

One thing is clear now though, a majority of those controversies have been resolved and Zuckerberg stands tall as the CEO of the company he was brave enough to start about 16 years ago.

What has made Facebook stand out for so long?

16 years and counting and Facebook continues to wax stronger. It is subtly in the ability of the CEO to create trends and the relentless pace at which he continues to innovate.

The Facebook of then is not the one we know now. Each existing design is in truth iteration for the next, and Zuckerberg and his board members don’t seem like they’re going to be slowing down anytime soon.

The News Feed feature was added two years after the birth of the community to allow users to know of the happenings in their areas. 2008 saw the introduction of the Facebook Chat where users could interact with other users from across all works of life.


In 2010, the like feature was introduced and 2015 saw the addition of the live video feature. On and on it goes- with new features added every one or two years.


In short, the relevance of the platform is updated from time to time and that is one of the key reasons its users continue to grow every year.


Facebook continues to stand the test of time.

Over the years, new controversies have arisen about Facebook’s privacy policy use. Allegedly, in some ways, Facebook influenced the outcomes of the 2016 Presidential Election in the United States by giving access to some corporations which allowed them to target a much specific audience in their campaigns. For this, Facebook received a very giant fine and was greatly affected in its investment portfolio that year.

The good thing though is that now, most of those crises have been resolved and Facebook has started the stroll into a new and solid era of growth.


Making the decision: Should I invest in Facebook shares?

In January 2020, Facebook hit a record for rising as high as it’d gone in a long time. This is a great sign.


Although, as earlier stated, the company has faced some major crises in times past on the use of their users’ privacy, it is expected that the effects of this will soon clear out.


Prospectively, Facebook is diving into the Cryptocurrency sphere and this might be the birth of something special.


If it is also any confirmation, a majority of analysts at Wall Street strongly believe that 2020 will be a great year for the social media website with the bulls pushing hard in the market.


Facebook is on a fast rise over again and savvy investors can still expect good return investment from their holding. Major signs indicate that all the drops that happened in the previous years were just an anomaly and things are looking good from here onwards. Going by all these positives, it might be a profitable time to secure some Facebook shares as a long term investment.

Some interesting facts about the Facebook company:

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