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how to buy tesla shares
How To Buy Shares For Beginners
How To Buy Shares In Tesla For Beginners

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Investing in Tesla is investing in a man name Elon Musk.

Tesla Motors is without a doubt the most innovative company in the automotive industry.
The Tesla Model S is their flagship vehicle.
It is a 5 seaters luxury sudan that can take you from 0 to 60 mph in just 2.4 seconds.

Tesla Motors was created in 2003 by engineering officers Martin Eberhard and

Marc Tarpenning. They named their company after the renowned electrical engineer Nikola Tesla which they both admire the work and inventions.

It is during a series A funding that the South African entrepreneur joined Tesla Motors.

Elon Musk's inputs have greatly improved the company's performance and raised its objectives.

This is why people will often referred to Elon Reeves Musk as the co-founder of Tesla Motors when he actually took part slightly after the company's original foundation.

With a net worth well over $30 billion, he has now been part of Forbes Rich list for many years and he is also considered as of one of the world's most powerful people.

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What Everyone Should Know about Tesla Inc. | Why You Too Should Invest in Tesla Shares


By all indications, innovative technology on all ends is expected to rule and take over the world. This is why companies like Tesla have continued to be the subject of analysis and discussion for investors everywhere. Currently, Tesla's influence on the automotive and clean energy markets cannot be undermined. Analysts and experts say this is a good sign for the future of the company, and especially for those who dare to invest in it.

However, every prospective stakeholder needs to understand the indices and what truly lies ahead. After all, investment decisions shouldn’t be made based on what the company has been able to bring to the table alone, but also on the prospects, it holds for the future.


Tesla in History

The Tesla company officially kicked off operations from its Palo Alto, California headquarters in 2003. The company was birthed following the recall and destruction of General Motors™’ EV1 electric automobiles. As at that time, electric cars were already considered an important innovation and there was a need for a company that could build and sustain the technology.

Consequently, the advent of the Tesla company seemed timely, thanks to the startup efforts of its two main founders- Marc Tarpening together with Martin Eberhard. However, note that a majority of the very first funding for the company came from Elon Musk, while Ian Wright and Jeffrey Straubel are also key founding members. At present, however, only Elon Musk is considered a mainstay executive- alongside other non-founding executive members.

Since inception, Tesla has maintained obvious innovativeness that is quite uncommon. Its first electric car model- the Roadster™, was released in 2008. The automobile was high in demand, with several of it sold in over 30 countries. Twelve years down the line, the company has released three other main automobile models, namely the Tesla Model S, Tesla Model X, and the Tesla Model 3. All of these cars have their peculiar characteristics that have continued to attract the market for the brand. For instance, their mile distance ranges are still the most impressive on the entire electric vehicle (EV) markets.


Right now, the market stakeholders cannot seem to wait for the Model Y to hit the market in March. Note that the 2020 version of the Roadster™ is expected to come later this year, and the expectations are also high.

Now, following Tesla's diversification into more clean and sustainable energy projects, the company decided to change its name. On February 1, 2017, the company removed “Motors” from its name, and replaced it with “Incorporation”- to become “Tesla Inc.”. This action was deemed necessary, to effectively capture the entire operation scope of the organization. Note that Tesla now manufactures and installs impressive solar energy solutions for homes and commercial centers. Its activities as an energy firm have further pushed up public interests in the company and what it has to offer.


In 2016, the company acquired SolarCity™, a solar energy service company based in California. This section of Tesla deals with solar and electric energy products and services like solar system rentals, manufacture, and sales of electric car chargers, provision, and installation of energy storage/management modules, etcetera. Again, Tesla’s top-notch creativity is seen in the company's solar product models such as its solar roof. The solar roof removes the need for the relatively heavier solar panels that are installed in the home, and it is more effective. With these additions, the company seems to be gaining more ground in meeting its overall objectives.


Why Tesla is dominating the EV industry

Although the modern electric vehicle market is still relatively young, it is yet competitive in its way. Customers and investors only want to go for the product and the brand that is more exciting and promising in the short and long run. Tesla is seen as the pacesetter for the market because it takes the initiative, and is always ready to try something new.


The company's efforts at improving on its car specs put it one step ahead of the other manufacturer models. Hence, people tend to rely more on Tesla cars for more value-added features and performances. This is probably the reason why the company motor sales took an estimated 45% of total EV sales in the first half of 2017.

Now, the company has mentioned how it aims at making more electric cars that are generally more affordable. If it is able to beat down the prices of its cars to a more bearable level, then the company is likely to attract even more individuals from the general automotive market to its user community.


Making the decisions: Should I invest in Tesla shares?

Over the years, investor response towards Tesla stocks has been massive. This is probably the reason why the company’s stocks are one of the most expensive in the automobile front. According to the New York Times in 2020, Tesla Inc.’s stocks have in fact surged by up to 36% in just two days. This trend is likely to continue, as the indicators show huge profit margins in the years to come.

Now, if you look at the relevance of the Tesla company in terms of generally accepted or acknowledged global goals, then you’re likely to find the answers that you need. People have rallied around businesses that aim at contributing to sustaining the environment. For instance, the use of non-carbon based energies for running our day to day activities is increasingly becoming a welcome idea. Tesla's electric cars and the company’s energy product section both meet the criteria and are more likely to continually gain business grounds. This consequently implies an increased return for the company’s shareholders.


Currently, Tesla is expanding its operation and business network to include more places around the world. It is also making plans to scale up its production so that more of its products would become accessible. The Tesla Gigafactory 4 in Germany is one of its latest infrastructural projects that would help it achieve that. If you need to invest in a high tech company that is well-positioned to meet the world’s needs and people demands, then Tesla Inc. could be your best shot.

Some interesting facts about the Tesla company:

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